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Five W Formula

  • Where is the property located?
  • Who is the owner of the property What is the title document of ownership of the property owner?
  • When was the property purchased?
  • Why the clear title is required?
  • How will the title be completed?

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  • Is registration of Agreement for sale of property mandatory?
  • How and where do I register the property transactions?
  • What is the stamp duty payable on the deeds and documents registered?
  • What is the tax liability for capital gain on sale of property?
  • Is registration of property given on leave and license compulsory?
  • How can I execute the will for my property?
  • Can I cancel my will?
  • To whom can I gift the property?
  • Can I give power of attorney for my property in India?
  • How do I change my name after marriage for property purchased before marriage?
  • What are my rights in inherited property?
  • Can I transfer the property of my minor child?
  • Can the property owned by mentally challenged person be transferred?
  • Can I file a case in the court for property?
  • What is the time limit?
  • How can I get a legal heir certificate?
  • How can I execute power of attorney for my property, if I am residing out of India?
  • How do we transfer the property in favour of partners in case partnership firm is dissolved?

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  • Why title clearance certification is required for 13/30 yrs?
  • What are the major types of mortgage?
  • How is the mortgage registered with sub registrar office?
  • What is the stamp duty on mortgages?
  • How is charge of financial institution registered with revenue record office?
  • How is the charge of financial institution released from Sub reg office/ revenue record office?
  • How can a financial institution take possession of property financed and sell it?
  • How is the alternate dispute resolution implemented?
  • Can the government authority acquire the property financed by the financial institution?
  • What is the process of original verification of title documents?
  • How are laminated title deeds treated?
  • What the government permissions required for non agricultural use?
  • What the government permissions required for building construction?
  • Who approve the layout map?

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  • Why title clearance search for 30 years required?
  • How are the title documents preserved by the developer in case of entire sale of the project?
  • What is the legal procedure for project finance obtained from financial institution?
  • How is the flat released from financial institution for sale in case the builder has obtained project finance?
  • How is the project released by financial institution in case of repayment of the entire loan by the developer?
  • What the rights of the developer in case of redevelopment of a flat scheme?
  • What the agreement clauses which protect the right of the developer for redevelopment?

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S-7, Hemant Building, Rudrasen Complex, Mankapur, Nagpur-440040 India.

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+91 9561 097 103
+91 8380 077 458

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